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Get Togethers Galore!!

All you have to do is choose one that works for you!

  • COFFEE: Invite a few friends in for coffee after the kids are on the bus. Serve coffee, fruit and Danish.

  • LUNCH HOUR: Work in an office? Offer pizza and pop at lunchtime, and we can do a mini presentation in the lunchroom!

  • HAPPY HOUR: Why not have the girls stop over right after work for a glass of wine to relax and shop before they head home.

  • EXPRESS SHOW: Invite 5 - 6 friends over, and we can do a show within the next week. Spur of the moment parties are usually well-attended, as everyone knows their schedule!

  • BUDDY PARTIES: Go together with a friend, and we can do two parties in one location! Share the fun!


It's All About the BLING!!
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