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Great Ways to Accessorize & Look 10 lbs. Thinner!

  • Dress monochromatically to appear taller and thinner.  Add your own personal style with accessories.
  • Draw attention up to your face by wearing earrings the size of a quarter or larger, long necklaces, or a bright scarf.  Remember the golden fashion rule: Never leave home without your lipstick and earrings!
  • Push up those long sleeves!  It will shave pounds off your mid-section.
  • Remember proportion - accessories should be in proportion to your real size.
  • Add smaller shoulder pads to sweaters and other knits to create balance and make your hips appear smaller.
  • Choose necklines that are v-neck, scoop neck, or open collars.  Layering long necklaces to create a vertical style line that slenderizes.
  • Add color to your outfit with a great shrug, wrap, or a colorful shawl.  These are very fashionable and functional for the cooler fall months.
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What Necklace to Wear with What Neckline?

Necklace for Neckline

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At one of my shows, I accessorized the white dress five different ways!  A great way to look great and spend less using jewelry from Park Lane and scarves by the Scarf Lady, Janet Kassir - Tie One On

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View Valerie's fashion tips and tricks video by clicking on the photo above, presented at the Womens Only Expo at the Bayfront Convention Center!

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